Headquartered in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado, USA and located in the high tech hub of Denver, ravenIoT enjoys access to top talent and an unparalleled quality of life.

The Start

Our genesis story begins in the Oil & Gas Industry where one of ravenIoT’s founders, David Richards, owned and operated numerous production leases. With a background in tech, and dismayed by the lack of instrumentation and unreliable production reporting, a micro-controller based solution was developed. An ultrasonic sensor was employed to read fluid levels in oil and salt water storage tanks. The leases were situated in rural areas of Oklahoma where there was no direct internet service. A cellular (GSM) modem was used for internet access. Some tank batteries could not get a cellular connection so Zigbee radios were used to transmit telemetry data to a central hub.

Once internet connectivity was established it became possible to have realtime reporting to measure daily production rates, set rules to alert overfull tank conditions, and detect losses due to theft or potential leaks. Historical data showed production anomalies.

It was quickly recognized that such a solution would be useful to many small and medium size O&G operators. Further, it gave insight into the ever growing range of software and hardware offerings that could be employed to solve a huge range of telemetry challenges in many industrial and commercial Internet of Things applications.

 So, What’s with the name?

Ravens are well known as being intelligent, tool using creatures. Able to network with one another in a ‘constable’ of ravens including being able to ‘point’ to items of food or curiosity. Often cited as the messenger in mythical legends.

ravenTT is our IoT platform which provides the API for sensor to cloud communication, data storage, and visualization. TT is a nod towards the Telemetry Transport portion of the widely employed MQTT protocol.